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Original documents will be subject to following editorial process:
a) Editorial team will review the paper aim at complying with journal’s formal and subject areas criteria. Those documents not complying with subject areas and/or regulations for authors will not be sent to external evaluators. Such a case will be notified to the author to adapt the document according to these requirements..
b) Once papers do comply with subject and formal requirements they will be sent to two (2) external academicians with outstanding career in the subject who will determine: i.Publish paper as presented, ii. Publish paper only if suggested modifications are made, and iii. Reject paper. If opinions differ, a ruling from a third party will be asked whose decision will define the result. Furthermore, when modifications are asked the author will have a period fixed by editorial team to make them, which will be subject to review by the parties requesting them.
c) The approximate assessment time of papers is 120 days from confirming date of submission. If assessment process is ended, editorial team will notify the author via e-mail acceptance or rejection of papers and attempted publication date where applicable.
d) Results about academic opinions process will be unappealable every single time.


Those authors presenting a paper for evaluation in the journal in pending status can request retirement by expressing the reasons supporting such request, who will be completely free once Journal editors accept it.

Author(s) are responsible for content, theoretical-conceptual perspectives, conclusions, among other characteristics being part of the paper; considering that such stances are not essentially a part of the journal.


Tecnología Educativa Revista CONAIC only accepts unpublished papers.

Authors must assure that identity is protected in the papers presented.

When submitting a paper journal authors are committed to not submit the same paper simultaneously to another scientific journal.

Papers must be of own authorship and unpublished which should have only minor modifications regarding the research itself.

Regarding data included in the paper, they should be truth and unmodified from implemented theoretical and methodological view.

Furthermore, if such data involve participation of persons as subjects of study, such relationship has to be carried out under informed consent proceedings, which implies consent, free, volunteer participation in research thus keeping anonymity of persons and institutions.

Regarding authorship of the research paper the author is committed to include all persons contributing in a relevant part of the theoretical argument, state of the art systematization and data analysis as well as writing, and avoid including people based on friendship, camaraderie or intellectual connections.

Respect intellectual property and give corresponding credit to contribution of other authors, so all information coming from third parties must have a source.

Include relevant reference if auto-quotes of other published texts are made and avoid this practice.

Seriously consider comments provided in the opinion from assessment to correct papers; thus delivering paper on time, with clear and justified information, paper with comments from reviewers duly addressed and where applicable, also should express the reasons for not accepting comments.


Those acting as reviewers are suitable volunteers intellectually and/or theoretically/methodologically for assessment opinions regarding papers presented by authors to be released in the journal.

Reviewers are committed to communicate Editors if having an interest conflict or unskillfulness when assessing a paper because of a relationship with authors or paper to be assessed.

Reject any invitation for ruling a paper if considered not enough qualified or having lack of time to assess.

Respect confidentiality regarding papers presented for assessment, as well as editorial process.

A reviewer strictly accepts assessment process regulations from journal, always looking for making a critical, honest, clear, and constructive valuation supported by strong arguments.

Avoid personal opinions.

Communicate editor if relevant similarity between text and any other published paper was found.


Editors will be responsible to grant compliance of headlines to issue process’ result which is a maximum of 120 days for author to know the paper’s status: “acceptance”, “acceptance with suggestions or corrections” or rejected.

Journal reserves the right to publish the paper in a following issue if over the papers allowed for recent.

If opinions do not match, Editors reserve the right to publish or not a paper or take a third party opinion where applicable.

Editors are able to reject papers even before making opinions if considering they default on minimum quality regulations, writing or subjects of journal.

Select expert arbitrator in the subject of paper.

Establish a professional communication between authors and reviewers aim at assuring paper and assessment process quality.

Respect confidentiality of every paper submitted for assessment.

Issue an impartial opinion to every paper submitted to journal.

Carry out edition and publication process in a respectful, transparent, and objective mode.

Launch apologizes, corrections, clarifications, and retracts where necessary.


Online Regional Information System for Scientific Journals from Latin America, the Caribbean, Spain and Portugal – LATINDEX.


Tecnología Educativa Revista CONAIC was adhered to Creative Commons license so it is an Open Access journal.

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